Old Foden truck
Because of the history of Foden Motor Works and ERF Trucking, as well as their associated Foden's Band (which continues successfully to this day) there is a lot of publicly documented information about one side of the old Foden family hierarchy.

There was even a full episode TV Show devoted to their history. You can see it now on YouTube at Foden History.

Our goal here is to document the other Foden Family tree as completely as possible, starting with our Grandad Alfred Foden and his wife Amelia who spent most of their life in the Wolverhampton area of Birmingham, U.K. We think we will discover off-spring now that live, or have lived, on every continent except Antartica!

Then we will branch out left, right and above their node to make this an ongoing work of discovery which is available to any interested relatives at no charge.

Your initial scribes are Roseann Dodgson (nee Foden) from her base on the NE coast of Spain, and Athol M. Foden from his mountain lair in California, USA.

This is a work of discovery – of the tools available as well as the family data and how it is presented. Inevitably errors or contentious points will arise. But those are the nature of the beast. Your positive criticism and suggestions are much appreciated.

Family members are invited to use, even copy, this family tree of information for any personal, non-commercial usage. Credit and link backs are much appreciated.