Hello Foden World

Welcome to our Foden Family tree. The goal of this site is to track as many immediate family members as possible, even as they are now spread all around the world. But it is also much more than that. It is a place for us to show where we came from and how we are related to the original founders of Foden Motor Works and ERF in England, as well as to show how many of the Fodens are related.

And it is also a place for us to share family history and details. To post copies of old letters, documents, stories and any other relevant information with cross references to other public sources. Roseann has amassed an amazing collection of these and will be digging through them to trace relatives and relationships, as well as using them to provide color commentary and historical tidbits right here. There have been many famous and colorful characters in the Foden clan over the years, and we expect this to continue forever. But first we want to just track our own immediate family.

No you don’t need to login. No you don’t need to pay a monthly fee. Just share and enjoy and participate if you can by sending us feedback, corrections and more information. We have already found that a number of stories passed down through our family lore are not correct. We will use blog entries here to keep you posted on progress, as well as to solicit specific input when needed. And sometimes we might just post a colorful story about some Foden member which has little or no connection to our immediate living members.

As for our logos and graphics, well they are still a work in progress. I was really tempted to use the old classic Foden Motor Works logo as I grew up admiring and enjoying its uniqueness, but that really is not the family crest and logo. Years ago we found that historic documents often described the Foden Coat of Arms in words, but there really was no graphic representation thereof. So all of those you see today, including on this site, have been interpretations of the words by people experienced in such matters. We have not given credit for such graphics to any artist or institute as we don’t know who they are and so we assume they are all in the public domain at this time. If you have any better or different versions, we would love to see them. One thing is for sure, the 3 arrows and 3 cross bows are clearly written in the text versions, so all artists incorporate them somehow.